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Driven by the people who eat our products

Our Story

Hendri Pieterse Boerdery Pty Ltd, was founded as HNPieterse Boerdery by Mr. Hendri Pieterse in 1989, with a farm situated in Krokodilsdrift, Groblersdal in the province of Limpopo, South Africa.  Our original commodities were Tobacco, Cotton, Wheat, and Maize.  Using our extensive knowledge and experience in farming, our first table grapes were established in 1995 and we branched into citrus production in 2000. 

Our business has expanded to encompass five production units offering 350 hectares of table grapes and 500 hectares of citrus.

The cultivars we trial and select are carefully chosen for maximum production in our unique microclimate, demands in consumer preference and trends as well as market timing.

We are a family-owned company who specialises in the growing of fresh, quality table grapes and citrus fruit for export to global markets.

Our Vision

Profitable growth through superior products, valued customer relationships, quality, and commitment in everything we do.

“Driven by the people who eat our products”


Guided by relentless focus on our values, we constantly strive to implement crucial initiatives required to achieve our vision.  In doing this we deliver operational excellence in every facet of our company to exceed our commitment to and meet the expectations of the many customer relationships we have.


Our Team

Our employees are an extension of our family. Our employment environment inspires loyalty and accountability.  We provide a rewarding work environment, encouraging education, growth and development while offering fair compensation.  Our quality management systems of proven policies and procedures not only offer our employees a safe environment but also ensures our company is legally compliant both in the Republic of South Africa and destination countries.

Our Suppliers

Our supplier relationships are just as important to us as our customer relationships.  With our years of experience in the farming industry we have developed reliable relationships with suppliers who like us, have a strong work ethic and have been sourced to deliver the same standards to which we subscribe. 

Compliance to Accepted Standards

Subscribing to and benchmarked against global standards, Hendri Pieterse Boerdery Pty Ltd is committed to implementing best practices.  Utilising the latest technology, innovation and focusing on continual improvement we are assured that in everything we do we are achieving and offering the best.  The standards that we subscribe to, with evidence-based outcomes, are Global GAP, Brand Recognition Compliance Global Standards (BRCGS), The Sustainability Initiative of South Africa (SIZA) as well as customer and retailer required standards.


It is because of our values that we have been able to weather economic, political, and even global market uncertainty. As such, we have continued to remain a market force.  Due to our leadership’s forward thinking and continuity planning we have grown from strength to strength. We have become a respected brand in our industry and an identifiable brand with our customers and end consumers.

As with business sustainability we also value environmental sustainability.  Respect for our land, the use of innovative, precision farming techniques, ensure continual improvement and expansion of the products we grow.   Our values are entrenched to continue from generation to generation.

Our Products


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Bonsmara Farming

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Bonsmara Farming

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Since 2010

HNP Marketing is our exporting division.  By branching into the export field, it has allowed us to offer increased value and more control in our supply chain.  Operating initially as a grower/exporter we now offer export services to other growers in the area being able to give a greater offering to our valued customers.

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